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Changes In TV Licensing Law

The rules related to TV license have been changing from time to time, in the UK. According to the recent change, people have to pay annual TV license, if they want to watch shows on BBC iPlayer. Before this new rule, the license was required only to watch online services like the iPlayer website. The reason for the government to amend the new rule is to eliminate the loophole, which allowed people to view the BBC shows without paying money. You could get more details on TV license calling the concerned authorities. You can get the contact number for tv license by browsing the Internet. You can visit this website, if you are very much interested in knowing the statistics about television viewers.

The advent of online streaming services has greatly affected the television industries in recent years. The television industry thrives mainly because of the subscription fees from the users. There is a lot of costs involved in producing the television programs and broadcasting. Various online channels allow seeing the recorded television programs for free, thereby causing huge loss to the broadcasters and producers. This is one of the main reasons, why the government wants the BBC iPlayer users to get the annual license.

Remember that this rule is applicable for everyone, who wants to view the television shows through their laptops, tablets and mobile phone as well. Those, who fail to adhere to this rule, would be fined up to £1,000. Right now there is no new mechanism from the government to check whether the users have purchased the license or not. This rule applies to students, even those who live in the hall. This rule is will surely affect lots of students. In order to know the recent laws about TV license, you need to regularly visit the TV licensing website. Failing to follow the rules because of ignorance will not be accepted as a genuine excuse.