How To Choose Your First Handgun

Choose Your First Handgun

If you are on the scout for your first handgun for your personal security needs, choosing one can turn out to be a challenging task. Firstly, there are lots of places like Steelo’s Guns and Outdoors and a variety of handguns of various sizes and calibers to choose. Concluding out which one is best for you will take some time, but can be quite an exciting experience opines experts at

Mentioned below are some time which can guide you to finding that perfect handgun for your use

The utility of the gun:

Before jumping into searching for your first handgun, determine why you need it and for what purpose do you intend to use it. Most first timers will look at buying a gun for self-defense at home or around your house. If the purpose is only self-defense, then a basic shotgun or sporting rifle would be enough. Its ease of use with very little training makes it a good option for home use. Also, note that it has a drawback of it becoming a bit difficult to conceal and store at home due to its length.

Used vs. new:

The next thing is to choose whether to purchase a used one or a brand new one. If you are on a rigid budget, then buying a used handgun will be close to 50% less than the new handguns. Purchasing a used handgun can also get you a better quality one than the acquisition of a new gun. Unlike used cars which can be problematic, used guns will carry a lifetime warranty if bought from a reliable manufacturer. The warranty will be on the gun and not on the one who purchases so that it can be transferred to the current owner of the handgun.


If you have decided on the purpose, intention of the gun you are buying and also decided on whether to go for a new or a used one, next is how much you want to shell out for the hand. Currently, the market has handguns which can suit all income levels from inexpensive guns to highly expensive ones’ costing thousands of dollars. But it is true that the more you spend, the better quality firearm you will possess. Experts suggest that a handgun around the range of 800-1000$ is the best buy for its quality as well as its design regarding usability along with lifetime warranty from a reputed manufacturer.

Caliber and Size:

Deciding on the caliber and the size of the gun is a challenge. It is based on the intent of gun usage. Assuming the gun is being purchased for self-defense and protection of home, a gun with l caliber and the full size is easy to use. Two aspects need to be considered while purchasing, comfortable to hold and shoot and easy to carry and conceal. A compact gun will hold less ammunition, and the holding area will also be less. A gun which is multi-purpose can balance the need for easy to use as well as conceal, and there are many handguns which you can choose.

For a first timer, a gun which is easy to shoot has less recoil, and more capacity is best suited.