Tips For Finding The Right Welding Helmet


If you are a beginner in welding, then you may be not so proficient about the welding helmets. Welding helmets are mandatory for performing the welding jobs. Welding helmets are designed to protect both the head and eyes. The lens fitted in the helmets is designed to filter the harmful UV and IR rays. You can check the website of Welding Helmet Genius to learn more about the welding helmets. It is not so easy to choose the right helmet without enough knowledge. Choosing a wrong helmet can be significantly risky to your health. To find out the problems and hindrances associated with welding job, you can visit

Auto-darkening helmets have become a popular option among the welders as it offers a big list of advantages. As the name says, auto-darkening helmets have lenses, which darken automatically to protect the welders’ eyes from the welding arc. Earlier models have fixed shade and hence the wearer needs to remove or flip up the helmet in between the welding jobs. Auto-darkening helmets have lenses in the lower shade in a non-activated state and turn the lens shade to a high level (#10 and above) upon detecting the welding arc. This type of helmet eliminates the need for flipping up the helmet, thereby offering more convenience.

Nowadays, auto-darkening helmets are manufactured by many companies. You can also see them coming in different models, sizes and features. What to look for when buying the helmet and how to buy the right one. If you planning to take welding for your living, then it is better to choose a high-quality and sophisticated helmet that can withstand more abuse. Response time is an important factor that you need to check when buying the auto-darkening helmet. Response time tell you how quick the lens can get darken upon the detection of welding arc. It is better to choose a helmet with response time 1/200000 seconds.

Fixed shade auto darkening helmets are ideal for anyone, who looks for an economic option. This type of helmet changes the shade from a fixed lower number to a fixed higher number. For example, say #3 to #10. Fixed auto-darkening helmet is ideal for those who work same welding arc intensity and same material. The number and quality of the sensors should also be taken to the consideration. Helmet with more and high-quality sensors will be able to quickly darken the lenses without any inconsistencies.

One should always insist on buying high-quality welding helmets. Choosing a bad quality helmet simply enhances your health risks. Apart from the lenses, you should also look into the overall build quality of the lenses. Lenses with superior build quality can protect your face and head from the high-velocity flying objects. The helmet should also fit to your head securely and comfortable. Some helmets come with adjustable feature to let you adjust the position according to your comfort.

If you find difficult to find the right helmet, then it is better to go through the welding helmet reviews. The reviews discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different types of welding helmets and help you take an informed decision.

What You Need To Know About STD

std dr

STD is an abbreviation of sexually transmitted diseases. Many don’t pay attention to know about sexually transmitted diseases thinking they would no way get infected or infect others. There are many STD clinic Los Angeles available to get yourself checked before it’s too late to get treated. If you are wondering what STD testing means and the tests which may be suitable for you then you can feel free to educate yourself through

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Gonorrhea is one of the common sexually transmitted diseases and will lead to serious after effects if not treated. It may or may not have any noticeable symptoms. Some of the symptoms are itching, swelling and frequent urination. It affects both male and female.

Chlamydia is yet another silent disease, which affects 75% of women and 50% of women but rarely, has any symptoms. Only if you get tested for STD, you will know whether you are infected or not.

These diseases can easily be cured with the help of antibiotics. Even after the disease is cured you should see to that you get re-tested in a few months to make sure you are free from bacterial infection or didn’t get affected again.

Doctor Assessment
Some people may undergo an annual physical exam and assume that they have been assessed for STDs, but that’s not the case. Only some doctors perform a sexual risk assessment on a yearly basis on their patients. People who are sexually active should do the annual testing for HIV and STD. Higher risk activities like a change in partners, sex after alcohol consumption or unprotected sex should be tested for every 3 to 6 months.

In other cases, the patients should request the doctor to test them for STDs. You should inform the doctor if you have any noticeable symptoms and if possible on the types of tests you would prefer so they can guide you with the appropriate treatment. If you have never had an open conversation about your sexual activity with your healthcare provider, then there are very fewer chances that you would have got tested appropriately.

It is not possible to have the exact results if you have had unprotected sex the previous day. It usually takes few weeks for the possible infection to start showing symptoms and for the tests to turn positive. No matter whether you get tested the next day you should wait for at least a month even though you don’t show up any symptoms.

Teenagers and youngsters who are less than 18years old that wish to get themselves checked up can seek medical testing and get themselves treated without notifying their parents or getting permission. The minimum age t get tested 12 years. They need not worry about the confidentiality.

No one will know the test results including parents and caretaker without written permission from you. All they want in the health center is the photo ID to keep a record of the medical history so they can be tracked easily during future visits.